About GradesFirst

GradesFirst was founded in 2006 to provide an easy-to-use and low-overhead software application, helping coaches and support staff track the attendance of college athletes at study hall.  GradesFirst went live with its first customer in 2007.

From that humble beginning, the GradesFirst system has grown to become the campus-wide comprehensive software solution academic advisors, administrators, and faculty depend on. Capitalizing on the latest research, our technology combines early alert, advising management, integrated communications, and tutoring management services maximizing the impact of quality academic advising.

GradesFirst believes that relationships matter, not only between students and academic support staff but also between our customers and us. We design software that makes it easy for support staff to build the relationships that lead to student success while providing unparalleled client support.

GradesFirst is now part of the Education Advisory Board.

About Education Advisory Board

Since its launch in 2007, EAB, a division of The Advisory Board Company, has become one of the largest providers of research, technology, and consulting services to colleges and universities nationwide. Through our innovative membership model, we currently partner with academic and administrative leaders at more than 1,000 institutions, helping them solve their most pressing problems. For more information, visit www.eab.com.