There’s more to student retention than early alert.

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Increase Retention and Completion

Research has long shown that relationships are the key to improving student success. At-risk students get their best chance to thrive when provided with the services that meet their individual needs. We help faculty, advisors, tutoring professionals and campus support staff identify and intervene with the support that makes a difference, improving retention and reducing attrition.


Measure Effectiveness

Pressure on colleges to improve student retention and increase graduation rates has never been greater. Administrators are faced with the demand to improve results without increasing costs. Faced with competing demands to ‘do more with less,’ we provide the analytical tools to help institutions measure the return on investment (ROI) of their student support activities.


Improve Outcomes

Capture every interaction between support staff and at-risk students: telephone calls, emails, text messages, advising and tutoring appointments. Harnessing the power of data analytics, administrators can quickly see which activities are correlated with improved outcomes.


Benchmark Results

Dashboards and custom reports compare cohorts and departments on campus; powerful benchmarking tools contrast institutional outcomes with those of other institutions.


Simplify Assessment

Early alert, appointment scheduling and advanced communications functions provide the foundation for improving the outcomes of at-risk students. Deep analytical and reporting tools measure not only the activities themselves; they help provide the evidence institutions need to assess institutional progress accreditors expect to see.