Student relationships can’t be built on impersonal system-generated emails and communications – but we understand advisors can’t simply pull out their personal cell phone and send a student a text message.  With this in mind, we’ve developed a powerful communications vehicle to drive your student success efforts. Conversations combines personalized communication methods with secure transfer and real-time documentation to create an optimized engagement experience for both the student and the advisor.

Main Benefits

Put Your Message in Their Hands

Email is not necessarily the most effective, timely or personal mode of communication for every student. Whether through text, email, or phone, Conversations makes sure you get your message to students by using the method they prefer.

Talk Both Ways

Students and support staff often feel like they’re typing into a black hole when attempting to reach each other through mass email or text alerts. We eliminate “no-reply” style communication and enable two-way, personalized conversations.

Secure Communication

Communicating with students through text message or other channels can cause privacy concerns. We provide you with unique, private communication credentials that are in full FERPA compliance.

Capture Every Conversation

Conversation Capture provides complete and detailed documentation of all conversations between support staff and students – from the content of each text message, to the duration of each phone call.

Features to improve success
  • Two-Way Texting
  • Click-to-Call
  • Targeted Communications
  • Communications Routing
  • Conversation Capture
  • FERPA Compliant

I have found GradesFirst uncomplicated and literally painless to use…I love the instructor-student communication afforded by this software.

Terri Ruckel, Pearl River Community College