Early Alert

Our system helps you take a more personalized approach to identifying at-risk students without overcomplicating the process. Students are an asset to your institution, and we want to be sure all at-risk students are flagged before they fall through the cracks.

Main Benefits

Early Alert
Personalized Identification

Identification of at-risk students should be in the hands of the person that sees them several times a week – the faculty member. We enable faculty to identify at-risk students with just a few simple clicks.

Early Alert
Instant Notification

The process of engaging the student and getting them back on track begins immediately.  Support staff is instantly notified when students are marked at risk.

Early Alert
In the Right Hands

Students will no longer be left without necessary attention – our platform generates a snapshot of each student’s progress and makes sure this information is put in the right hands.

Early Alert
A New Approach

Early alert isn’t just a program – it’s a repeatable and measurable process.  We provide the tools necessary to enhance your early alert program’s effectiveness leading to increases in student success and retention.

Features to improve success
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Note Tracking
  • Progress Report Campaigns
  • Personalized Student Alerts
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Actionable Reports