Take back your workday.

Learn more about how our solution serves advisors and other student success specialists.


Schedule appointments and sync your calendars.

Planning your workday shouldn’t be a hassle. Keep your schedule organized by using our technology to manage appointments and availabilities. We synchronize with your Outlook, Google, or iCal calendar, keeping you up to date on upcoming appointments.


Target specific groups of students.

Need to contact all History majors with a GPA below 2.5? We make this easy by allowing you to filter specific student criteria using the advanced student search feature. Once you’ve identified a cohort, you can automatically email, text message, or report on these students.


Manage and advise at-risk students.

Investing your time and energy into the students who need it most is key. Progress report campaigns sent to faculty let advisors know which of their students are at-risk in specific courses. This way, you’ll be helping the students who need it most.


Keep everyone on the same page.

In one click, see every interaction a student has had with support staff campus-wide. Our platform keeps a record of all communications, appointments, meeting notes, and class attendance. You’ll never have to dig through piles of paperwork just to reference a student’s progress.


Minimize administrative tasks.

Our advising management platform was built with the advisor in mind. You don’t have to spend hours on cumbersome clerical work or deal with inefficient pen and paper systems. You’ll be amazed at how much time you save with just a few clicks.