Athletics Department

Keep student-athletes in the game.

Learn more about how we can serve athletics departments.


Ensure your student-athletes maintain eligibility.

We make each student’s records and files conveniently accessible to the people who need it most. Monitor student progress, and ensure that APR scores, GSR, and NCAA eligibility are maintained.

progress report

Receive progress reports on student-athletes.

Get faculty reports on student progress with just a few clicks.
Automated progress report campaigns generate real-time feedback on student’s grades, absences, and at-risk status – often in minutes or less allowing you to track a student’s progress even when they’re not.


Monitor study hall hours and attendance.

Students can simply swipe in to study hall using their identification card. Time they spend in study hall is automatically logged and attendance reports can be easily accessed on their student record. You and your student-athletes are fully informed about their academic progress.


Generate automatic travel emails.

Travel Letters keeps faculty members in the loop by generating automatic notifications to professors when student-athletes will be on the road. The system cross references teams’ schedule and sends one email to each professor to consolidate the list of conflicts.


Pinpoint specific student-athletes.

Need to email or run a report for a specific athletics team? Get detailed filtering with advanced search capabilities. Filter your search by team, coach, GPA, advisor, major, at-risk status, and more.


Manage and deliver exportable data.

Spread the word on your student-athletes’ progress with just a few clicks. All data on student progress, study hall, tutoring appointments, meeting notes, and other important information is exportable in both Excel and PDF format. You can then print or email this information to the coaches and staff who need it.