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Simplify student appointment scheduling.

Attempting to match students with the appropriate tutor can be a daunting task for tutor coordinators. With our technology, students can easily view what times are available for tutoring appointments or drop-ins at specific locations on campus. Scheduling an appointment takes just a few clicks.


Receive detailed referrals from advisors.

When advisors schedule appointments on behalf of students, tutors receive an email with details about the referral. The appointment is automatically added to both the student’s and tutor’s calendar. This function keeps everyone “in the know” and ready to help the students who need it.


Ensure students show up for their appointments.

Let’s be realistic – sometimes students forget. Automatic text and email reminders are sent to students prior to scheduled appointments. Tutors are no longer sitting idle waiting on students to show up.


Record tutor session notes for reference.

You don’t just want the appointment to happen – you want to save all the details for personal reference and staff accessibility. Use the system to take notes during each tutoring session. These notes are stored on the student’s record and can be accessed by faculty and advisors.


Manage tutor timesheets and payroll.

Why use any other program for tutor payroll when we can take care of everything in one place? Customize payroll management and timesheet generation within the platform. Tutors track working hours and review timesheets before submitting for approval.


Access real-time reports.

The appointments are happening – but now what? View detailed, real-time reports on appointment details, no-shows, cancellations, requests, payroll, and more. Quickly access the information needed to manage the efficiency of each tutor center.